miércoles, noviembre 26, 2003

Ignorance, can be a bliss

Until the truth strikes and you wake up

Why the hell did you lied to me?
Why you did not told me the truth when I was honest with you?
Why did you let me find out by some others about it?

When I say or ask about you telling me about it, I am not attacking you, I just want to understand you.. I was totally honest with you; I told you the whole truth about everything and let you take a decision on whether to go on or to terminate all the relationship. But you are not even giving me that choice!!! I feel like I do not know you at all... All I know is the masquerade that u showed me, the fictitious person you created for me to believe into; now I cannot get out of my head all that was told to me by several people, and you do not have the courage to clear everything out. Always say that it was not in my time, that why do I care so much about it, that all that matters is what's been happening since we are together. Well, guess what? It's true… all that matters is what has been happening since we are together, but some thing happened since we are together!!!, some old ghosts from your past returned to make presence and now it's your turn to pay the toll. Set the record straight!!! Don't let me wonder anymore!!!

Yeah, it's true that I lied to you on a beginning, but some time short after things got serious I was totally honest with you and let you take a decision regarding going on or terminate it… look at things… you never where…. All I knew was the history you created, the character you made me believe in… and now that I found out several things, you don't want to talk about it.. you say that I am attacking you… well, I am not.. I just want to know the truth… but the real truth… not some lie with makeup of true… or some make believe stories.

Think about it… let me know….. I think that what we have lived is worth some honesty from both parts... but if that is not the case... how can 2 people that do not trust each other live together ?

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