miércoles, julio 09, 2003

La neta.. que chingon es el trabajar en algo que te gusta.

btw, me viene valiendo sorbete el hecho de que no escriba con acentos... jejejeje la verdad me vale winnie, I don't do that for a living!!, other than that.. hmm I really have nothing much to say, regardless of the criticism, I feel quite concern about how much they care about me !!! I was even told that no one will ever come and read me.. and days later, there.. a critic about my blog!! hahhahahahaha

Pathetic indeed it is...

A phrase on such blog quotes:

"Si algo necesitamos creamos la herramienta para proveernos el sustento."

My dear God!!!!! So you guys have created all the necessary tools… wow.. I have found quite some genius minds loose on the internet, without a life, needless is to say that this might be so true, due to the fact that they only read some other people blogs : ( I wonder if they actually have a life?)

By the way, I have to give it to you guys, you do get an amazing amount of hits and it is all due because you are like polo polo. Yeah!! Look at it, the only things you do is to insult people on the same way, gays, fags, whores, and some other repeated nonsense. C'mon, you can do better than that… or is it that none of you have enough brains as to find your own inspiration?

Btw, look at your Bios:
AhijoleManito (Merida Yucatán, México 197?)
A guy that lives on the other border.. The marginalized one.. With 20 some years and a funny accent when he speaks, what other thing in life can he do?

Procopio (Huajuapan,Oaxaca,México 194?)
Wow… we have a winner here… aren't you living overtime? Hey old chap, give it a rest.. How where you able to learn how to use a computer with such a few neurons

Lechero Zombie (México 198?)
A chilango (sorry, I could not find an appropriate translation for this slang word), that is barely leaving puberty, and by that he is thinking, that by being a chilango he owns the world!!! Ha! Such marvelous thoughts, but don't worry, sooner or later you will find that the whole world does not revolves around you Chilango people.

Osito Cariñosito (México 196?)
Err; weren't you trapped at that care bears stage? I mean, with your 40 something years couldn't you find something better as a nick? Anyway, try to update your insults vocabulary, its getting quite annoying to read the same insults again and again, also stop torturing yourself for the spelling of other people, I mean if you get the whole idea, why bother with that? Also if you actually do not like the way they write… well stop reading them!! :) Is as simple as that (He's 3l337, 'cause he writes "Qu3 B4rb4r1d4d ")

Elpidio Zamora (Ensenada Baja California, México 198?)
My my, Please don't blame your parents because of the trauma they placed on to you with that name!! It's hard to live by with a name like that, and leaving puberty behind. How's the Fish Smell city does treats you?

Oh by the way, before I forget… That thing that was told to you about you chilangos being descendants of inhabitants from the atlantis, it is not true, you guys are not tall, nor white, and not even smart. So please leave that behind.

A post dedicated to the Ovejeros. Btw, Ovejeros… don't feel so flattered about this. ;)

(Ah ovejeros... al rato que lean me pasan la versión revisada para poner los acentos donde faltaron)

P.S. I need to quote something from the nanax blog:

"Nothing Is Real, It's all in your head"

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